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Chicago Expert Importers

Why Central Equimpex Inc?

Central Equimpex Inc has changed its name and is DBA Chicago Expert Importers. This new name is more representative of what we currently do here at CEI. Central Equimpex’s name was generated by our beginning Equipment Importing and Exporting philosophy (EquImpEx), and it no longer portrays our core business. This name change was merely made to reflect our core competencies better as our business plan has evolved, and not to mention it is much easier to pronounce…

Chicago Expert Importers is a global supplier of axle components and casting products at competitive prices. Chicago Expert Importers, first established in San Francisco, California, has had a commitment to quality and precision since March of 1989.

Chicago Expert Importers, first established in San Francisco, California, has had a commitment to quality and precision since March of 1989.

Our company was founded by a hard-working man, Leonard Ma, who established the foundation of our business through timeless nights of diligence and persistence. His development of close relationships within China and his dedication to perfecting clients' products is the basis for our success and growth. Today, Linda Bi and her devoted team continue to operate the business with the same focus and commitment.

Leonard ambitiously hoped to bridge the gap of the trading business. China has an extensive source of labor, while U.S. has experience in designing quality products. The goal is to increase overall quality of factories in China while decreasing cost of products in the U.S.


The first products being made were bearing and casting products for mobile homes. Dexter Axle, the leading supplier of axles and running gear components to the trailer industry, gave Leonard and Linda the opportunity of the first trial order.

Through hard work and dedication, they quickly acquired expertise in this trade, and have become highly capable of providing quality products with genuine services.

In honor of that, Chicago Expert Importers has received the "Supplier Performance Award," annually from Dexter Axle for many years, in recognition of "outstanding quality, delivery, and service ratings".

Through diligence and loyal assistance of our sales staff, Chicago Expert Importers has expanded to supplying a variety of products. As we increased in size, the routine warehousing service became very important. To better service the clients, Leonard moved the company to Illinois in April of 1996. Since then, we have worked closely with our clients to perfect every detail of our products, tailored to meet their specific needs.

Our 120,000 square foot warehouse carries large inventories of client-tailored products allowing for just-in-time delivery. We began with an $80,000 annual sales to todays over $20,000,000 annual sales.

Feel free to contact us, we are confident that we can impress you, and meet the details of your every request.

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